Members & Organisations

Members of ESCIF are independent national organisations with their own statutes and whose main objective is to represent people with spinal cord injury in their country.

In principle, more than one organisation per country can hold membership in the ESCIF so far as their main objective is to represent people with SCI in their country on the national level. Typically, the organisations will have a different focus within the area of SCI.

The organisations must be independent representative bodies with their own statutes, founded and recognised according to the laws of their respective states.

Where people with SCI are organised as part of a national parent organisation for the disabled, the section of that organization representing SCI may be recognised as a national organisation and admitted.

Regional organisations may be admitted where there is no formal national organization. The minimum annual membership fee is 375 Euro, unless the Assembly of Delegates decides otherwise.

Every Member Association has the right to send a maximum of two delegates to the Assembly of Delegates.

Private persons, partnerships, legal entities and public bodies may hold patron membership. They have no membership rights.

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