Monday, 18th October, 6pm: 3rd ESCIF Forum about the FinSCI study

The Finnish Spinal Cord Injury Study (FinSCI) identify factors related to the health and functioning of people with SCI, their challenges with accessibility, and how such factors are interconnected. FinSCI differs from InSCI: Subjects were recruited with register study (884 respondents), and partly different outcome measures were used in the survey. In addition, deep interviews were performed (n45). The director in charge of the FinSCI study presents on the reporting phase and summarizes the results of the survey so far. There are results in particular from the PROMIS and SCIM-SR outcome measures and the employment of respondents. The above is considered from different perspectives, such as age, gender, background and duration of injury, and severity of SCI.

The FinSCI study will be presented by Sinikka Hiekkala, Ph.D., Research Director at The Finnish Association of people with physical Disabilities

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ESCIF is loking forward to have many participants for this interessting presentation.

Successful ESCIF Congress in Nottwil

After more than two years it was a pleasure to gather again at the ESCIF congress in Nottwil. Considering the special circumstances the organiser was happy with more than 35 participants. Read more………

Elvira Beslija

We have to inform you that Elvira Beslija, an engaged force for ESCIF as well as the entire movement for the rights of persons with disabilities, left us after a short but severe illness on June 6th, 2021. Thanks to her perseverance, hard work and positive energy, Elvira will be remembered as an extremely successful person in her disability work throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in whole Europe.

ESCIF expresses the deepest condolences to the family and friends of Elvira.


The goal of the ESCIF Forum is to facilitate knowledge transfer and information exchange among all persons interested in SCI. Planed is to have 3 – 4 free Zoom events per year. The Key is to generate added value for the ESCIF members and persons with SCI in general.

The first two ESCIF Forum presentations had both 20+ participants and interesting discussions emerged. If you were not able to participate in the ESCIF Forum please see the presentations below.

Manda Knežević

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the passing of Manda Knežević. She was an active and driving force for the European SCI community and co-founder of ESCIF. Please read the honourable memories of Manda Knežević accomplishments in the attached file.

ESCIF sends the deepest sympathies to Mandas’ family and friends.

The confirmed date for the ESCIF congress 2021 in Nottwil is:

Wednesday, 25th to Friday, 27th August 2021





ESCIF has created and launched a new project – ESCIF Help Alliance

ESCIF Help Alliance is made to protect the vulnerable persons in the European SCI community against the Coronavirus. The masks are intended to the carers who help tetra-/quadriplegic that uses ventilators or have reduced immune systems. Through the ESCIF Ambassador program, we have been in contact with all our members.

ESCIF Help Alliance is the platform that enables us to provide help to our community. Now we are focusing on providing medical masks, with funding from supporting organisations and companies. Our ambition is to provide approximately 1.2 million masks.   

ESCIF Assembly 2020

We know all of you are in one or the other way affected by the current situation with the Corona Virus and that the ESCIF assembly is not the most important thing right now. However, to be able to continue working for persons with SCI all-over Europe, the ESCIF board is working hard to have an electronic assembly of delegates which enables the board to keep the association running.

The current emergency law Situation in Switzerland forbids the gathering of more than 5 persons. Therefore ESCIF is not able to have an assembly, as we are used to. The board of ESCIF also thinks that having only an assembly without congress later this year would financially and logistically not be suitable for most organisations and delegates.

This highly unusual situation is not taken into account in the statues of ESCIF. However, the current emergency law by the Swiss government enables ESCIF to have an assembly by use of digital participation. This year’s assembly will, therefore, be by e-mail. All member organisations will receive an invitation to appoint a delegate which then is allowed to vote by e-mail. Because this will affect how discussions, comments and ideas are exchanged, the assembly will be as simple as possible, with only essential topics, like approval of the accounts and discharge of the Executive board. There are no elections necessary this year.

We are aware that this is an unusual procedure and it is not how ESCIF likes to have their assembly since it is not facilitating discussion and exchange among the delegates. However, the ESCIF board hopes that all members and colleagues support us in this decision. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact one of the board members. Stay healthy and all the best for you and your beloved ones. 

The vision of the federation is to improve the quality of life of people in all parts of Europe who are living with a spinal cord injury.

This will be achieved through:

  • The exchange of information, experience and knowledge

The pan-European network will facilitate this exchange and will work to ensure that information is available to all those living with a spinal cord injury, irrespective of country.

  • Establishing and promoting “best practice”

Insights and experience gained in the individual member countries will enable ESCIF to develop guidelines for best practice in all issues affecting people living with a spinal cord injury.

  • The creation of a unified voice in Europe

ESCIF will use its voice to inform, represent and lobby on behalf of its members. It will work to raise awareness of the challenges that confront people living with a spinal cord injury – and it will strive to help its members to overcome these challenges.