Stefan Opresnik Jorlev


I am a Danish man born in 1980. I worked as a nurse at the National hospital I had a motorcycle accident in 2006 and became tetraplegic.
I have a bachelor in nursing, a diploma in economically marketing and are a Master of science in Economics. I work in a international company in the health care industry I am a member of Ulykkespatientforeningen’ central board. I have been active in the Danish SCI community since 2009 and internationally since 2015. I became member of ESCIF executive board in 2018 and president in 2019.

              Nuutti Hiltunen


I was born in 1959. Before my non-traumatic SCI at the age of 40 years, I spent my childhood and years at schools in East Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I grew up to become a national team level speed skater, a physiotherapist specialized in neurology, a husband, a father of three boys, and a clider pilot. Over the years I have been elected as a board member to several organisations. Among them I have been a member of the ESCIF executive board since 2014, at the moment the vice president.

             Mirjam Kanalec

Slika Mirjam

I come from Slovenia. In my early youth I became a tetraplegic after a traffic accident in 1984. I am a university graduate mathematician, employed half time in a domestic company, but I dedicate most of my time and energy to activities in various organizations and councils related to people with disabilities. I have been involved in ESCIF from the very beginning and I’m ESCIF board member since 2019.

             Bojana Gladovic


I have been a person with disabilities since 2005. Before my car accident I worked as a nurse and was a professional basketball player. Now I am member of the Union Board for persons with paraplegia and quadriplegia in Serbia. Through the work of the organization I am actively fighting for accessibility, education and employment of persons with disabilities, as well as helping the society to overcome prejudice towards persons with disabilities.

             Milan Kašiak


I am 45 years old sportsman, motivator and peer supporter from Slovakia. After having a spinal cord injury I am already 30 years reliant to a wheelchair. I graduated at the Matej Bel University as a teacher of history and philosophy. Now I work in Paraplegic motivation centre situated in National rehabilitation centre, as a manager of motivators over the whole country. I am married and have two daughters.