ESCIF Safe house

Ukrainian SCI Relief: ESCIF Help Allicance “safe-house” project close to Chelm, Poland

ESCIF Forum Presentation about Safe house Cycow

Safe House in Poland:

The European Spinal Cord Injury Federation (ESCIF Help Alliance) with the support of several Euro­pean SCI related organisations are aiming to install and run a “safe-house” for disabled refugees from the war in Ukraine – with a focus on the Spinal Cord Injured community. The boarding house is lo­cated about 30 km from the Ukrainian boarder in Wólka Cycowska 13n, 21-070 Cyców, and consists of 27 bedrooms as well as an office, meeting and dining room. The house is mostly accessible. It is planned to rent the object starting from 01. April and for six months.

It is important to highlight that the “safe-house” is meant as a shelter for people with a chronic Spi­nal Cord Injury and not for people with a newly acquired injury or needing acute medical attention. The “safe-house” will be run by ESCIF with the logistic and financial support from the Swiss Paraple­gic Foundation (SPS) and the Fördergemeinschaft der Querschnittgelähmten in Deutschland e.V. (FGQ).


Main aims of the “safe-house”:

  • Give persons in a wheelchair – with a focus on SCI – and their families a place to go and take a 3-10 day rest before they are relocated to the final destination.
  • Define and communicate – also in Ukraine – a clear meeting point for SCI refugees.
  • Make first medical assessments by a specialised doctor.
  • A doctor and a nurse will take care of minor medical needs
  • Accommodation and care needs will be assessed in order to relocate people efficiently and ac­cording to their needs
  • Find appropriate places for people via the ESCIF/SPS/FGQ network
  • Coordination of relocation by ESCIF/FGQ
  • Isolate Covid positive persons until tested free for further transport.


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