ESCIF Safe house

Project Ukrainian SCI Relief: Closing of the safe house in Poland

After 6 months ESCIF and its partners close the safe house for Ukrainian refugees with SCI in Poland due to resource constraints (staffing, not enough accurate accommodation and finances). However, the steering group is working on direct transports out of Ukraine and an in-country follow up project.

April 1st ESCIF started the project “Ukrainian SCI Relief” which runed a safe house in Poland for persons with SCI from Ukraine. In the house basic medical needs were assessed and treated. Also, during the stay in the house, accommodation and care needs were assessed in order to find accurate housing or treatment in the different ESCIF member countries. In a last step the project organised the transport to the final destination in the different ESCIF member countries in Europe.

Thanks to the generous support of the Swiss Paraplegic Group and the “Fördergemeinschaft der Querschnittgelähmten (FGQ)” in Germany and other sponsors, we were able to run the project. Germany welcomed by far the biggest share of Ukrainian guests and the FGQ in collaboration with the German Order of Malta organised many transports from Poland to the final destination. The organisations of the Swiss Praplegic Group (Association, Foundation, Hospital and Orthotec) helped finance the project and sent material and many staff to the safe house. Finally, corporate sponsors, volunteers and ESCIF members who helped to accommodate refugees, made the project a success. A huge THANK YOU to all who contributed to the project.

Until end of August, we were able to transport 187 refugees to 5 ESCIF member countries e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Nederland, Finland, England.

Typ of Destinatioin

Seeing what it meant for the guests to have a warm, welcoming and safe environment was overwhelming and showed how important the project was. Although there are much more people waiting to be evacuated we have due to resource constraints (staffing, accommodation and finances) to close the safe house end of September. However, the steering group (Stefan Jorlev, Kevin Schultes, Felix Schulte and Albert Marti) are working on further transports directly out of Ukraine and a probable in-country follow up project. For more info and photos about the current project please visit