ESCIF Forum: Vocational integration of persons with SCI in Switzerland

After having addressed the international perspective on Labour Market Participation of persons with SCI in June 2021, the second ESCIF Forum on work integration will focus on the Swiss situation.

Dr. Urban Schwegler will present evidence from the Swiss Spinal Cord Injury Study (SwiSCI) and provide a closer look into the comparatively high percentage (63%) of persons with SCI in Switzerland who are engaged in paid work. Furthermore, the presentation will draw attention to the interaction between psychological personal and system-level determinants of labour market participation such as the disability pension scheme. Urban Schwegler will also talk about the vocational integration services provided at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil and point out their contribution to a sustainable work integration of those affected. Finally, he will introduce a “Job Matching Tool” that was developed in the “Work and Integration” group at Swiss Paraplegic Research and will highlight its implications for integrating persons with SCI into meaningful and sustainable jobs.

Presenter: PhD Urban Schwegler, Groupleader “Work and Integration”, Swiss Paraplegic Research, Nottwil

To follow the presentation please use this link: