ESCIF Forum: Spinal Cord research and cure

Betwixt and between the temptation of unproven commercial therapies and the complexity of scientifically-driven clinical trials.

Should people accept their new life situation after a spinal cord injury and make the best out of it? Or should they try everything and anything to get better and possibly reverse paralysis? These two ends of the pendulum often seem to be the only possibilities after an SCI. Countless people go abroad to receive the latest treatment, often depending on the latest hyped up news about SCI therapies.  What are the results? How do you recognise a commercial therapy from a more scientifically driven experimental treatment? Why should you choose one over the other? During this presentation, we will quickly review the latest SCI research landscape and hint at what could be done to optimise the patients choices.


Next ESCIF Forum: Monday June 13th, 6pm

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