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Our current downloads you will find on the next pages. To download an available document simply "Right Mouse Click" the link and select "Save As". Then choose the location on your computer where you wish to save the document and click the "Save" button.


You will require Adobe Reader to view our downloads. If you do not yet have it you can get it free at www.adobe.com.

Document TitleOriginSize
Jane Horsewell Obituary in Spinal CordISCOS264 kB
Spinal Injuries in the senior populationESCIF244 KB
It takes two to tangoESCIF479 KB
Social aspects of aging with SCIESCIF341 KB
ESCIF StatutesESCIF79.9 KB
100 Accessible Tourist Accommodations
(100 Alojamientos Touristicos Accessible para todos)
Spain66.9 MB
Kom Beter BinnenNetherlands1.24 MB
Het ITS (Internationaal ToegankelijkheidsSymbool)Netherlands57.7 MB
EU PlannenNetherlands184 KB
Rapportage Baarn 2007 Netherlands3.89 MB
Samenvatting agenda Netherlands111 KB
President's report for 2006 ESCIF849 KB
Acute care and primary rehabilitation 2007 reportESCIF134 KB
Integration Project - PresentationESCIF44.1 KB
Integration Project - Summary ESCIF204 KB
Anpassbarer WohnbauAustria1.36 MB
AufzügeAustria803 KB
Barrierefreies Bauen für alle MenschenAustria1.64 MB
Betreubares WohnenAustria769 KB
BrandschutzAustria258 KB
Design for all
(Planungsgrundlagen zum barrierafreien)
Austria880 KB
Schrägaufzüge & HebebühnenAustria645 KB
Spielplatz für alleAustria431 KB
Öffentliche WC-AnlagenAustria2.34 MB
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