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Unproven Therapies


The aim of this section of the site is to help individuals make well-informed decisions when considering taking part in an unproven therapy.  


There are many "unproven therapies" available to individuals claiming to offer the chance for functional and sensory return.  These therapies can be found in all corners of the world.  It is, however, important for individuals to understand the differences between unproven therapies and those therapies which are adhering to best scientific and medical practices.  It is also important for individuals to be aware of the the risks which can range from financial loss to functional loss!


We invite the individuals who are interested in the progress of science and best practices to pay special attention to the ''Research for Regeneration' section of the website which will provide information on the various lines of research as well as current/planned clinical trials. 


If you do decide, however, to undertake any therapy as referred to in the ''unproven therapies'' section, we strongly recommend that you inform your neurologist, SCI doctor or physiotherapist in order to arrange an appraisal of your current functionality. This will allow them to measure any change following the intervention. In this way the SCI community will be able to gather some information about the therapies that the clinics and organisations offering them are presently unwilling to share.


For those individuals who have taken part in an unproven therapy it is important that you share your experiences, positive or negative, so that the SCI community can learn from these findings.  If you would like to confidentially share your experiences please feel free to send an email to research@escif.org.  


Latest page update on March 2012 by the Regenerative Research Working Group. For comments or questions, pls email research@escif.org

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