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Programme «Healthy Ageing: what can be done?»
15 October 2013


27 – 29 August 2014 in De Rijp, The Netherlands

Programme «Healthy Ageing: what can be done?»


In 2014 the annual ESCIF Congress will be organised in cooperation with the Dutch SCI Association. The congress is being held for the ninth time and for the second time in the Netherlands. The congress takes place from 27 - 29 August 2014 in Hotel De Rijper Eilanden in De Rijp, 30 km. from Amsterdam. The theme of the congress is: Healthy Ageing: what can be done?


Many participants are expected – people living with a SCI, SCI professionals, researchers and other experts – from many countries in Europe and beyond. This because the topic 'Healthy Ageing' is of great general interest and also – because of the increased life expectancy of people living with SCI – new challenges / problems arise in the field of their health, participation and quality of life in the long(er) run. This congress will be interesting both for younger people with 15-20 years' SCI experience and older people (>65 years) with SCI. It will also inspire associations regarding the question: 'What can a national SCI association do to facilitate healthy ageing of people living with SCI'.




The ESCIF Congress 2014 is scheduled during the last workdays of August 2014 because 2 - 4 September 2014 the 53th ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting will take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands. So maybe you are interested in participating in the ESCIF Congress 2014 and the ISCoS meeting 2014 now they are both in the Netherlands, with a Holland-sightseeing-weekend between the two? We - Winnifred de Moes and Frans Penninx - are in contact with the ISCoS 2014 organisers to create added value ESCIF 2014 / ISCoS 2014 where ever possible.


As usual during ESCIF congresses, we will welcome a variety of key speakers, all with a great authority in their field of expertise. Right now we are working on the completion of the congress programme and on inviting the speakers. The following topics can be expected on the agenda during the congress:

Healthy ageing in the general public: lessons and trends

Ageing with SCI: physical issues and quality of life both for younger people with 15-20 years’ SCI experience and older people (>65 years) with SCI

  • Personal experiences of ageing / living with SCI 
  • ESCIF Statement on lifelong care and monitoring
  • SCI, healthy ageing and self-management 
  • SCI, keeping fit, nutrition and weight control 
  • Ageing well with SCI: survey and organisational policy 
  • How can your SCI association promote healthy ageing of people living with SCI? 
  • Update on the work of the ESCIF research group 
  • Move Forward clinic (presentation of Dutch ‘Move Forward’ and how to keep fit with SCI, healthy exercise, no injuries and do-it-yourself: the hand bike clinic)

Optional after the congress: sightseeing, guided tour and dinner in Volendam.


Within a couple of months we hope to complete the programme, list of speakers, etc. and present everything on this website, including the registration for the congress. For information: ESCIFcongress2014@dwarslaesie.nl

We look forward to seeing you on 27 – 29 August 2014 in the Netherlands.

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