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ESCIF member countries 2007
26 June 2007

Acute care and primary rehabilitation in ESCIF member countries 2007


The responses to the questionnaire survey and the conclusions of the discussion workshop at the ESCIF Congress 2007 have now been written up as a comprehensive report. The results of the information-gathering project will be presented at the ISCoS/NoSCoS conference in Reyjkavik as part of the ESCIF workshop on 29 June 2007.


The plenary discussion that followed the workshop will be used as the basis for future work to formulate an ESCIF policy on acute care and rehabilitation.


ESCIF would like to thank Jan Reinhardt and Christine Boldt from Swiss Paraplegic Research for “tweaking” the questionnaire before it was sent out to the member organisations.


Our biggest thanks must, however, go to the people in the member organisations who found the time to answer the questions and to the delegates at the Congress who participated with such enthusiasm in the workshop.


If you have any questions or comments about the project or the report, please contact Jane Horsewell vice-president@escif.org

Report for Acute care and primary rehabilitation was posted by ESCIF.
To discuss any of its subject matter further please contact ESCIF.

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