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19 21 May 2010 in Lobbach, Germany
30 March 2010
Programme Wednesday 19 May 14:00 Arrival of delegates at the airport – at the very latest! 16:00 Arrival of delegates at Congress venue in Lobbach 17:00 Opening of Congress: 
 Welcoming address from Dr Daniel Joggi, President of ESCIF Welcoming address from Manfred Sauer, Manfred Sauer Foundation Welcoming address from the German Spinal Injuries Association Presentation ...
2 December 2009
Winnifred Bokma and Jane Horsewell took part in the 48th Annual Scientific Meeting of ISCoS from 21 to 24 October. With well over a thousand participants from all over the globe, the meeting provided ample opportunity to network and exchange ideas! ESCIF was directly involved in two presentations: the first was the ESCIF poster Setting the SCI agenda in Europe that outlined the work of the ESCIF ...
2 December 2009
Thanks to the fundraising and organisational efforts of Pietro Barbieri, ESCIF policy working group 3 on peer-counselling and peer support services held a productive two-day meeting in Rome in October. Pekka Httinen (ESCIF Executive), Lars Andersson (Sweden) and Janko Erlich-Zdvorak (Croatia) were all able to accept Pietro’s invitation – unfortunately, Dougy Johnstone (Scotland) ...
13 15 May 2009 in Vienna
11 May 2009
Programme Wednesday 13 May 15.00 Arrival of delegates at the airport – at the very latest! 16.00 Arrival of delegates at Congress venue with welcome coffee, soft drinks and sandwiches 17.00 Opening of Congress: Welcoming address from Dr. Daniel Joggi, President of ESCIF Welcoming address from Manfred Schweizer. President of VQ Welcoming address from Prses of Kolpinghouse Alfred ...
20 March 2009
Thanks to the sponsorship of Coloplast, ESCIF policy working groups 1 and 2 have been able to arrange meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark. Working group 1, on the establishment of spinal cord injury registers in ESCIF member countries, met on 4 and 5 March 2009. The meeting was attended by Paula Mustalahti and Annukka Koskela (joint leaders of the working group), Esther Peris Valle, Hannes Wiesinger, ...
The ESCIF Congress 2008
27 August 2008
The ESCIF Congress 2008 was held in Umag, Croatia from 24 – 26 April. The meeting was a very successful, interesting and lively event, thanks to the very active participation of the delegates and – not least – to the hard work and excellent planning of our hosts HUPT (The Croatian Paraplegic and Tetraplegic Association). ESCIF would like to thank Janko Ehrlich-Zdvok ...
Download our annual report
22 May 2008
Download our annual report for 2007 here. (pdf format)
What you should know...
21 May 2008
What you should know if you are considering participating in a clinical trial by the International Campaign for Cures of Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis. For more information download our guide . (pdf format, 2.3MB)
May 2008
12 May 2008
Please view our policy statement (.pdf)
Congress 2007
12 May 2008
Relationship between the duration of paralysis and bone structure: a pQCT study of spinal cord injured individuals. Relationship between self- and clinically rated spasticity in spinal cord injury. Fracture threshold in the femur and tibia of people with spinal cord injury as determined by peripheral quantitative computed tomography. Assessment of anthropometric, systemic, and lifestyle factors ...

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