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9 September 2015
At the ESCIF congress in Brno in May, we announced the release of the ISCoS Textbook on the Comprehensive Management of Spinal Cord Injuries. The textbook, which is published by Wolters Kluwer, was written by the same team as the ISCoS e-learning platform launched in 2012 and edited by Harvinder Singh Chhabra. The publication is now available on Amazon. Another recent publication in the ...
2 July 2015
The delegates from ESCIF member organisations elected Tomas Moravic as the new member of the Executive. + Tomas is a member of the Czech SCI organisation Czepa and, since last autumn, the leader of the working group on Quality of Life in the ESCIF Successful Integration project. As Daniel Joggi, President of Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, who was chairing the Assembly of Delegates, ...
24 June 2015
Spinal cord injuries at this moment in time are an unresolved scientific challenge of great social impact. The International Spinal Cord Repair Meeting 2015 ( ISCORE’15) is a one and a half day conference dedicated to recent advances in translational research in the field of Spinal Cord Injuries. The conference aims to stimulate the translation of understanding of neuroregeneration mechanisms ...
13 May 2015
For those of you who are unable to attend the ESCIF Congress in Brno next week (20 – 22 May), there is an opportunity to follow the Congress sessions by online transmission. You can find the Congress programme on the website www.escifcongress.org. Please note that the Assembly of Delegates and other sessions on Friday 22 May will not be transmitted. Here are the links provided by our ...
7 January 2015
There has been a great deal of uproar over the the recent proposal that all medical devices should be regarded as re-usable. ESCIF has responded ... (read the full story here)
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27 November 2014
The ESCIF Congress and Assembly of Delegates 2015 will take place in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, from Wednesday 20 May 2015 – Friday 22 May 2015. The congress venue is the Hotel Maximus Resort – see http://www.maximus-resort-hotel-brno.com/ Our hosts, paraCENTRUM Fenix, have been leaders of a trans-national project entitled Overcome Challenges. This ...
11 September 2014
All presentations from the ESCIF 2014 on Healthy ageing with SCI can be read ....( link to the presentations ) A full report of the ESCIF Assembly of Delegates and Congress 2014 will follow shortly.
30 June 2014
The project was proposed by the Executive at the Assembly of Delegates in Nottwil in 2013. We have now succeeded in finding the necessary funding for this ambitious project which will help ESCIF member organisations to initiate activities that will ensure that people living with SCI in their country have the best possibilities to become fully integrated (or reintegrated) into the community. ESCIF ...
24 June 2014
The report from the ESCIF survey on resistant bacteria in connection with SCI is now finalised. The initiative for this survey was brought to ESCIF from a member who had experienced problems, because of multi-resistant bacteria, in receiving rehabilitation. ESCIF then decided to look into the rapidly increasing problems with multi-resistant bacteria and to investigate how they affect people living ...
2 June 2014
ESCIF is actively involved in an investigation into SCI consumer participation in research and clinical trials. International researchers often find it hard to persuade us to take part in their projects and the aim of the online survey is to identify why this should be the case. A letter has been sent to ESCIF members … and to the Ambassadors and supporters of the Global SCI Consumer ...

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