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30 January 2017
Dear ESCIF friends and colleagues We hope you all had a relaxing Christmas holiday and that the New Year started out well for you. We presume you are now bursting with vitality to tackle all the things that will happen in your lives during 2017! One highlight of 2017 will of course be the annual ESCIF Congress. This year the Congress will be organised in cooperation with the Slovenian Paraplegic ...
Programme «Roadmap after SCI. Following the same path?» Piran, Slovenia
24 November 2016
10 – 12 May 2017 in Piran, Slovenia In 2017 the annual ESCIF congress is being organised in collaboration with the Slovenian Paraplegic Association - Zveza Paraplegikov, Slovenije. This, the twelfth such congress, is being hosted in their beautifully located and accessible hotel on the Adriatic coast - Dom Paraplegikov. The theme of this congress is; Roadmap after SCI. Following ...
23 October 2016
ESCIF was founded more than 10 years ago now. The Executive considered this an appropriate time to evaluate what has been done and, more importantly, what needs to be done in the future. During the last weekend Strategy group held a meeting in Lobbach to set the trajectories of the federation. The group consisted of the Executive board members and the following 'guests': Daniel Joggi, Chairman ...
19 October 2016
Dear ESCIF friends and colleagues, we are working on improving the way to stay in touch with all of you during the whole year and not just on our annual congresses. On our website or Facebook page you can read about our activities continuously. In the newsletter we summarize the most important events at least twice a year. We decided to make the newsletter more mobile- and user-friendly. Therefore ...
18 September 2016
During the second day of the ISCoS congress all the special interest meetings took place including the Consumer Meeting which once again was hosted by ESCIF. We had chosen to call our session “a narrative” to underline that we wouldn´t cover all issues involved in the comprehensive management of SCI and, therefore, would not be presenting a chronological account ...
14 September 2016
We´re in place for the ISCoS meeting 2016 in a warm and pleasant Vienna. As usual we are playing an important role to promote the consumer perspective. Once again we are chairing the Consumer workshop and we are presenting a poster about the Successful Integration Project. And of course we are an active partner in the workshop to promote the consumer perspective. We are really pleased ...
5 September 2016
Spinal cord injury (SCI) and the resultant paralysis has devastating physical, mental, social, sexual and vocational consequences for the injured. In addition the injury increases the economic burden not only on the person who sustains SCI but also his/her entire support network including family and friends. SCI can cost an injured individual as much as $334,000 to 1 million in the first year ...
20 July 2016
Our latest newsletter is now available for download here . You can read about following topics. ESCIF Congress and Assembly 2016 ESCIF Congress - May 2017 New accessible resort on Adriatic coast (Slovenia) ISCOS 2016 Spinal Cord Injury Day - 5th September 2016 Strategy group Successful Integration Project Report International projects You are probably already on a summer ...
19 May 2016
Most of the 2016 ESCIF Congress documents are already available in Members Downloads section. You can also find photo album on our Facebook page. If you have any other documents or photographs you would like to share, please contact us on 2ndexecutive@escif.org .
14 May 2016
Many thanks to Verband der Querschnittgelähmten Österreichs for organizing ESCIF Congress 2016 in Vienna. It was a great event with many interesting speakers and fruitful discussions. We are very happy that we can welcome Cyprus among ESCIF members! You can expect presentations and photos within a few days in Members Downloads and our Facebook .

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