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7 October 2015

A group of employees in the international company Verimatrix will take part in the Nice Marathon early next month. Team Verimatrix has decided to organize a sponsored run and to use the proceeds to support ESCIF – in particular, the “Ageing Well” project that was discussed at the last Assembly in Brno.


In order to sponsor the team and donate money to ESCIF, please follow the link to the Just Giving site https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/team-verimatrix


Please remember to pass on this news to the members of your organisation and to others who may be interested in supporting this project – including, of course, your friends and family!!

Every donation – however small – will help Team Verimatrix and ESCIF to reach our target. Be quick – we only have 4 weeks …



You are probably intrigued … why did Verimatrix choose ESCIF? Below you can read the in-company information that was published last month:


Running for Olivier – And the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation

On July 28th, 2012, Olivier Griguer became paralyzed in a mountain biking accident on the island of Reunion off the coast of Africa. He was 35 years old when it happened and was an avid volleyball player, skier, cyclist, loved playing music and attending concerts.

“It means that I cannot move my arms nor my legs at all anymore. The only mobility and sensitivity that I have is from my neck to the top of my head,” he told his colleagues at Verimatrix, an international software company that specialises in video security services (http://www.verimatrix.com/).

After being flown back to France, Olivier spent nine months in three different hospitals with France’s top doctors, trying to learn to adapt to this new life. “It was a very long path, but I was very lucky to receive a huge support from my family, my friends, and from Verimatrix. In May 2013, I finally managed to leave the hospital and come back home. From that day, I'm trying to live my 'new life' through different projects: most important trying to fill in my duties again (as a dad and as a husband first), enjoy my passions as much as possible and find a new house which is fully adapted for my needs.”

Many of his colleagues have been inspired by Oliver’s energy and spirit to continue to do the things he’s always loved. Because of this, a team from Verimatrix will run in the French Riviera Marathon (http://www.marathon06.com/2015/AN/index.htm) on November 8th to raise Euro 6,000 to kick-start the ESCIF “Ageing Well” project. ESCIF is a pan-European umbrella organisation of national associations working to improve the quality of life of people living with a spinal cord injury (www.escif.org).

The race is close by to where Olivier lives and the team hopes he will be able to come and watch them cross the finishing line.

Team Verimatrix will be raising funds via the UK crowd-funding platform Just Giving. Please offer your support in their goal to help the ESCIF launch this much-needed project.

Thank you.

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