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28 June 2011

Since the congress in De Rijp, the Executive and the members of the SCI research group have been discussing the idea of releasing a statement on SCI regenerative research. Although the ESCIF Statutes clearly express the federation’s support for all research that will enhance the quality of life of people living with SCI, no specific mention is made of research aimed towards functional recovery. The purpose of the Executive’s statement is to rectify this imbalance. (Read the statement)

ESCIF wishes to underline that the federation supports serious, scientific research and clinical trials in this area. We will continue to warn against clinics offering “unproven therapies”.

The distinction between the two is the topic of the SCI research working group’s paper to be presented at the Nordic Spinal Cord Injury Society meeting in Gothenburg later this year. You can read more in the research section of this website.

Statement on SCI regenerative research was posted by ESCIF.
To discuss any of its subject matter further please contact ESCIF.

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