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New project on the integration and participation
19 June 2007

One of the primary aims of the rehabilitation of people with SCI is to enable them to “get back into society” and to help them to live active and fulfilling lives. But what do we really mean when we talk about people being “integrated into society” or say that people “participate in the community”?


This is the focus of a new study – a collaboration between ESCIF and Swiss Paraplegic Research. The background to the study, its aims and objectives were explained by the study leaders, Dr Jan Reinhardt and Jane Horsewell, at the 2007 ESCIF congress in Lobbach. Further information about the study was sent to congress delegates in May 2007.


The first phase of the study, the pre-test, has now been completed and the research team will continue with a full-scale investigation in Switzerland. The next stage will involve similar investigations in several other European countries.


The research team needs to enlist the help of the ESCIF member organisations in order to carry out the wider study.


For a brief introduction to the study, take a look at the PowerPoint presentation. This was the presentation given at the ESCIF congress.


For more detailed information – and to find out how YOU and YOUR organisation can be involved – download the information file.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the study leaders.

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