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Acute care and primary rehabilitation
22 January 2007

Acute care and primary rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries in ESCIF member countries 2007.


The exchange of information between member countries is a stated purpose of the federation. It is assumed that the sharing of knowledge and experience can lead to improvements in the quality of life for people living with spinal cord injuries by creating standards of best practice and by inspiring member organisations to work towards implementing these in their own countries.

This is the first information-gathering project to be initiated by ESCIF. Its purpose is to gather and collate information on the acute care and primary rehabilitation services offered to people with spinal cord injuries in the member countries.


We already know that differences exist in the ways in which healthcare and hospital services are funded and organised in the various member countries and we expect these differences to be reflected in the initial treatment of patients with both traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injuries. We are, however, interested in identifying more specific differences and in analysing how these impact the perceived quality of care in each country.


The first part of the project involves completing a questionnaire that was sent to all ESCIF members in December 2006. The answers to the questionnaire will be collated and a short report written summarising the results. The report will be sent to ESCIF members before the Delegates’ Assembly in 2007.


The second part of the study will involve a follow-up discussion at the Delegates’ Assembly. Working in groups, delegates will have the opportunity to compare and discuss the results of the project, to consider its implications for care and rehabilitation in their own countries, and how the information gathered should affect the future activities and policy of ESCIF.


The written report and the conclusions of the discussions will be posted on the website in May 2007.


For further information, please contact Jane Horsewell (vice-president@escif.org)

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