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12 May 2011

This was the unanimous conclusion of the delegates at the ESCIF Congress 2010 following a panel debate and discussion on the current state of research into functional recovery following SCI. It was felt that many private clinics offering “unproven therapies” are simply preying on the desperation of people with SCI, especially those who are newly-injured or newly-diagnosed.
A working group was established to gather and evaluate information on the numerous offers of a “cure” for SCI made by clinics throughout the world. The information and evaluations should make it easier for people considering such therapies to assess the quality of the intervention offered. Equally important, it was agreed that the group should identify promising, scientifically-based research and clinical trials aimed at furthering progress towards future therapies.
While we cannot claim that the information on the website is exhaustive – we know that it represents a major step forward in presenting easily-accessible information for people with SCI on a topic that is fraught with emotion and misunderstandings.
The new section on the ESCIF website “goes live” on 11 May 2011. We welcome your comments, suggestions and input. We hope that the SCI research section of the website will become a resource and a forum for SCI professionals and consumers alike. Please share your experiences and expertise with us.

Rogue clinics should be “named and shamed” ... was posted by ESCIF.
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