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2 July 2015




The delegates from ESCIF member organisations elected Tomas Moravic as the new member of the Executive.




Tomas is a member of the Czech SCI organisation Czepa and, since last autumn, the leader of the working group on Quality of Life in the ESCIF Successful Integration project.
As Daniel Joggi, President of Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, who was chairing the Assembly of Delegates, stated after Tomas’ election “We regard it as an asset to have a member of the Executive who can, with his youth and experience as a fairly recently-injured person with SCI, bring a new dimension to the discussions in ESCIF.”


The Executive is very pleased to welcome Tomas and we look forward to working together.
It was, of course, rather sad to say goodbye to Winnifred de Moes. Winnifred was active at the “pre-founding” meeting of the Federation in 2005, was elected as a member of the ESCIF Executive eight years ago and has been the Vice President of ESCIF since 2010. Fortunately, Winnifred is actively involved in the ESCIF project on Successful Integration so we will still be able to draw upon her experience and knowledge for some time to come!


At the first meeting of the Executive following the Assembly, it was agreed unanimously that Gunilla Århén (from RTP Sweden) should take over the position of Vice President. Gunilla was elected to the Executive for the first time in 2010 and was re-elected for a second term last year in De Rijp.

Even before she joined the Executive, Gunilla was an active participant in ESCIF projects – notably in the influential report on centralisation. Since then she has participated in other projects and initiated and led the fact-finding report on multi-resistant bacteria and the impact on the care and rehabilitation of people living with SCI.

Jane Horsewell

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