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16 May 2014

For those member organisations within the EU, the elections for the European parliament will take place soon. This election has two innovative features:

- the European Parliament shall elect the President of the European Commission and this is why every political party has its candidate;

- the continent's economic crisis is closely linked with European policies, not only national policies.


EDF, the umbrella organization of disability in Europe of which ESCIF is an associate member, has prepared a manifesto on disability with the following titles:


  1. The protection of persons with disabilities from the crisis;

  2. The implementation of the UN CRPD;

  3. The removal of discriminations concerning the right to vote and to be elected;

  4. Making the EU single market accessible to persons with disabilities;

  5. Ensuring the involvement of persons with disabilities in decisions that concern them.


EDF has set up a specific part of their web site to Eurepan Parliament elections (http://www.edf-feph.org/Page_Generale.asp?DocID=13854&thebloc=33369) divided into three sections: ‘EU elections live’ with ongoing news on disability and elections, ‘Our Key Priorities’ explaining EDF manifesto and ‘EDF actions’ calling candidates to sign the EDF manifesto and actevely working on those issues once elected.


ESCIF considers it appropriate that this information is disseminated to its member organizations in order to reach the most people with SCI as possible.


We thank Pietro Barbieri, member of the ESCIF Executive, for this news item.

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