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16 February 2018

We are asking you for your cooperation. The purpose of the questionnaire is to better understand how certain people with neuropathic (neurogenic) bladder experience urinary symptoms and how these experiences affect daily life. Please tell us about yourself/the person for whom you are completing this questionnaire so we can better understand your experience.



Thank you for your interest in this questionnaire (USQ-NBiuc) about URINARY SYMPTOMS:


Use indwelling catheterization for bladder management




Able to void without using a catheter most of the time

This is one-time participation of completing the survey regarding urinary symptoms will validate a new tool that individuals with SCI or MS will be able to use to self-assess if their symptoms may be related to a UTI.
If you have any questions regarding participation in this survey, please contact Inger Ljungberg inger.h.ljungberg@medstar.net or 202 877-1694.

Urinary Symptoms Questionnaire for People With Neuropathic Bladder (USQ-NBiuc) was posted by ESCIF.
To discuss any of its subject matter further please contact ESCIF.

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