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29 February 2012

The abstract submitted by the ESCIF SCI working group, Regaining functionality following a spinal cord injury (SCI): central issues for SCI consumers, has been accepted as a poster presentation at the Interdependence 2012 conference in Vancouver. Corinne Jeanmaire will present the poster. Corinne’s participation has been made possible by financial support from Hollister Inc.


In addition to reiterating our concerns regarding unproven therapies, the paper also questions the current either/or approach to SCI research. ESCIF has always wished to promote research that will improve the quality of life of people living with SCI – and will continue to do so – but current scientific research into regeneration cannot and should not be ignored.

The organiser of Interdependence 2012, the Rick Hansen Institute, has recently announced a new programme for the conference in May. It has been decided that the entire conference will be dedicated to SCI research. The conference organisers have also decided to reduce registration fees!


Download the conference flyer here

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