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18 January 2011

In 2010 the Romanian Society for Neurorehabilitation (a member of the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation) and the Romanian Spinal Cord Society, both co-founded and headed by Professor Gelu Onose, were awarded the Excellency Diploma by the Romanian Medical Association (RMA). The RMA integrates the majority of Romanian medical scientific and professional societies.
The Excellency Diploma was awarded to both organisations in recognition of their work and achievements in rehabilitation. Some of the achievements include the co-organisation of two National Conferences in Neurosurgery and Neurorehabilitation with international participation, the 6th Congress of the Academy for Multidisciplinary Traumatology, 3rd International Conference on Biomaterials and Medical Devices, and the provision of professional support for a national health programme providing four free catheters per day for intermittent catheterisation to all neurogenic bladder patients in Romania.

Excellency Diploma Awarded in Romania was posted by ESCIF.
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