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11 September 2012

There were many representatives of ESCIF member organisations at the recent International Spinal Cord Society meeting in London – and it was a pleasure to see that they met up to support the various initiatives led by or involving ESCIF during the conference ...


The SCI consumer agenda: global perspectives

This was the title of the consumer workshop devised and led by ESCIF on the first day of the meeting. The workshop was the first independent consumer workshop to be included in the scientific programme of an ISCoS meeting – and we hope that it will be the first of many at future conferences.

The purpose of the workshop was to give SCI consumers from around the world the opportunity to present and discuss current, significant and pressing issues – as they define and identify them – and for SCI professionals to gain firsthand knowledge about the priorities of the community they serve. Although the SCI agenda differs in its priorities from world region to world region recent collaboration has indicated that, in fact, core issues are similar.
The workshop gave a unique insight into the issues that SCI consumers prioritise. It provided a platform where SCI consumers, professionals and policy makers could meet to exchange experience and ideas – with a view to future collaboration on how to resolve these issues.

Around 90 people attended the workshop which was chaired by ESCIF’s President, Jane Horsewell, and co-chaired by the Executive Director of SIA UK, Paul Smith. 


The first speaker was Shivjeet Raghaw who, as well as being the peer counsellor at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre in Delhi, is also the president of the newly-formed Consumer Committee of the Spinal Cord Society of India and a member of the ASCoN Consumer Network. Shivjeet’s talk described the aims and objectives of the ASCoN Consumer Network. (Download the presentation)


Second to speak was Kimberley Anderson-Erisman, Director of Education at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Kim’s presentation was entitled What’s important to Americans living with SCI? (Download the presentation)


The third speaker was a member of ESCIF’s Executive, Pietro Vittorio Barbieri, who summarised the findings of the report – The impact of the economic crisis on the lives of people with SCI in Europe – and the conclusions of the discussions at the ESCIF congress in May 2012. (Download the presentation)


Our next two speakers came from Malaysia and Sri Lanka respectively. Bathmavahti Krishnan presented a consumer’s view of how to improve SCI treatment and rehabilitation in Malysia. (Download the presentation) Cyril Siriwardane’s presentation SCI in Sri Lanka – rehabilitation, consumer organisations, awareness and prevention provided both a historical and current perspective of SCI issues in that country. (Download the presentation)



The final speaker of the workshop was Frans Penninx who, representing the ESCIF working group, presented the ESCIF statement on quality in SCI rehabilitation and management that was endorsed by the ESCIF Assembly of Delegates at the congress earlier this year. (Download the presentation)


The discussion that ensued after the presentations continued informally long after the workshop was over! The issues raised evoked great interest – many found the similarities between the various agendas described to be both fascinating and surprising. As members of ESCIF we are, perhaps, less likely to be surprised – after all, we have experienced this in Europe!

ISCoS meeting in London 3 – 5 September 2012 was posted by ESCIF.
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