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Programme «Roadmap after SCI. Following the same path?» Piran, Slovenia
24 November 2016
10 – 12 May 2017 in Piran, Slovenia In 2017 the annual ESCIF congress is being organised in collaboration with the Slovenian Paraplegic Association - Zveza Paraplegikov, Slovenije. This, the twelfth such congress, is being hosted in their beautifully located and accessible hotel on the Adriatic coast - Dom Paraplegikov. The theme of this congress is; Roadmap after SCI. Following ...

The ESCIF Congress 2017.


10 – 12 May 2016 in Piran, Slovenia
Programme «
Roadmap after SCI. Following the same path?»





You can find more information about the congress here.







The vision of the federation is to improve the quality of life of people in all parts of Europe who are living with a spinal cord injury.


This will be achieved through:

  • The exchange of information, experience and knowledge

    The pan-European network will facilitate this exchange and will work to ensure that information is available to all those living with a spinal cord injury, irrespective of country.
  • Establishing and promoting 'best practice'

    Insights and experience gained in the individual member countries will enable ESCIF to develop guidelines for best practice in all issues affecting people living with a spinal cord injury.
  • The creation of a unified voice in Europe

    ESCIF will use its voice to inform, represent and lobby on behalf of its members. It will work to raise awareness of the challenges that confront people living with a spinal cord injury – and it will strive to help its members to overcome these challenges.
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