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Research For Regeneration

This section focuses upon key scientific strategies that target functional and sensory return through the regeneration of the spinal cord, how science works and differences between clinical trials and unproven therapies.


Over the past decade science in the field of Spinal Cord Injury has progressed at such a compelling rate that a “Cure” has now become inevitable rather than a distinct possibility.  This shift in paradigm offers hope to many individuals living with Spinal Cord Injury today as well as those yet to be injured in the future.


However, despite the understandable anticipation of a “Cure” it is important to understand how science works, how scientific discovery is translated to the bedside and what the differences between a clinical trial and an unproven therapy are.  This section will attempt to outline the following concepts:



Latest update of this section in March 2012 by Regenerative Research Working Group. For comments or question pls contact  research@escif.org.


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