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Clinical Trials Overview




In order to get a complete view of all FDA-approved/recruiting/ongoing clinical trials in the field of spinal cord injury, we invite you to consult the following website pages: 

http://www.u2fp.org/educate/clinical-trials/    (Click on the link at the bottom of that page to access the uptodate clinical trial table)

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis' mission is to unite and empower the international sci community to cure paralysis through advocacy, education and support for research. The table compiled by u2fp is an excellent resource for the community.


This page provides an overview of ongoing clinical trials, both e mission of SCOPE (Spinal Cord Outcome Partnership Endeavor) is to enhance the development of clinical trial and clinical practice protocols that will accurately validate therapeutic interventions for spinal cord injury leading to the adoption of improved best practices.
This page will provide you with detailed information on each approved and registered clinical trial.



II. NON ACTIVE CLINICAL TRIALS (terminated, suspended, closed, completed,  ...)

We invite you to consult www.clinicaltrials.gov for further information on clinical trial that have been completed, suspended or terminated. 


Latest update of this section in February 2016 by the ESCIF  Research Group. For any comments or questions, pls contact research@escif.org

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