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Update: regenerative research


Written by Corinne JEANMAIRE, on behalf of the endParalysis foundation and of the ESCIF Research Group, in March 2018.


We have to be clear:  there is still no cure or treatment for spinal cord injury. Judging by the increasing number of ongoing and planned clinical trials though, it seems that we might have come a bit closer to achieving a certain level of recovery.
Read more and consult the overviews in the tabs at the bottom of the endParalysis reseach update 2018 page (click here to open) for more details about pre-clinical studies (in the labs) and clinical trials (for human patients) for chronic spinal cord injury in the following fields:



  1. (Stem) cells & combination regeneration/repair strategies.
  2. Scar and growth inhibitors reduction & regeneration/repair combination strategies.
  3. Electrical stimulation of the spinal cord (e-stim), Transcranial Stimulation (TMS), Brain-Machine-Interface (BMI), etc
  4. Unproven/ commercial therapies.
Disclosure: The purpose of this section of our website is to provide a summary of the important developments in spinal cord research towards finding a cure or repair / recovery therapy. In line with the scope and focus of the endParalysis foundation, we will mainly focus on research projects currently applied or ultimately applicable to chronic spinal cord injury and on therapies that are at clinical or pre-clinical stage and thus have a potential to be applied successfully on human patients.  Furthermore, this overview constitutes in no way an endorsement from the endParalysis foundation or from her scientific committee for any specific research project, experimental therapy or clinical trial included therein.      
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